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The Discover Pass is here!

This information comes from the Washinton State Mineral Council Website.

If you plan to rockhound anywhere near an area that is owned or managed by Washington State’s Dept of Fish & Wildlife, Dept of Natural Resources, or a state park, even just using the roads of that particular property to get to another place, be prepared to show your Discover Pass, or get fined $99.

In an effort to raise funds to maintain recreational roads, etc, the
legislature passed a law that took effect July 1, 2011, that requires that every vehicle must have a Discover Pass displayed in its’ windshield to access state lands or lands managed by the state. This means that if you are planning on rockhounding on those lands, or driving on those lands, or parking for the day on those lands, or accessing the water from those lands, and so on, you need a pass!
There are some exemptions for hunters (who will purchase a pass with their license); check out the website below for more info.

You can purchase a yearly pass for $35 ($30 + $5 processing) or single use for $11.50 ($10 + $1.50 processing); one pass per vehicle (you can’t switch the pass between vehicles!). The fine for           non-compliance is $99.

For rockhounds here on the west side of the Cascades, that means that rockhounding at Blanchard Hill near Bellingham, Cedar Ponds (Stubbs Hill) near Sultan, Cherry Creek near Duvall, and anywhere in Walker Valley OUTSIDE the quarry (Mt. Vernon) will require a Discover Pass.

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