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New COVID-19 Response

After much deliberation, frustration, and disappointment, I have decided to cancel the September 7th rock club meeting due to the increased risk that meeting attendance might spread Covid Delta among our members.

Just when we thought we might be turning a corner, that things could get back to normal, again we find our county at higher risk of Covid infections and/or death.

The new infection and covid death rates for Thurston County are rising or continue at a high level.  Hospitals are full.  The Delta variant is three times more infectious than the “common” Covid we battled over the past 15 months.  Many of our members are vulnerable even though they have been vaccinated.  The Delta variant causes “breakthrough” infections, and two to five percent of those hospitalized have had their complete set of vaccinations.  Though wearing masks provides some protection in terms of not spreading  as many viruses or not breathing in  lots of airborne viruses, the best protection is avoiding gatherings where you might be exposed.  Plus, you can have the virus and spread the virus before active symptoms develop. One or more of us could be spreading the virus without knowing it. For these reasons I have reluctantly decided it is in our mutual and best interest to cancel this meeting and hope that things will have improved enough for us to have a regular meeting in October.

In the meantime, please take all reasonable steps to protect yourselves, your family and friends, and others.

I wish each and every one of you the best.  Stay healthy.

Jim Thomas