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WAMS Meeting Minutes – February 7, 2023

A meeting of Washington Agate and Mineral Society (WAMS) was held at First Baptist Church of Lacey on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Call to order: Doug Shank called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM

Attendees:  19 in attendance


Announcements, Old business, new business, show and tell, break, program


  • The new WAMS website,, is now public and active! 
  • We would like to plan a field trip. We could use the, Washington Gem Trails guide book for places to go. 
  • Would like to see if anyone is willing to share their lapidary techniques, tips, and shop setups to help others learn the hobby? 

Old business: 


New business: 

  • The proposal to move the meeting location to the Olympia Center in downtown Olympia was discussed, but the motion was not voted on. 
  • The new start time of 6:30 PM was unanimously passed by a majority vote. So, WAMS meetings will now start at 6:30 PM. 
  • We still need someone to be President of the board. Jim Sachet has volunteered to be Vice President. 
  • Dan, the show chairman requested that someone write up a bulletin advertising our rock show in late July so it can be posted on our website and in the Tenino Chamber of Commerce announcement for Oregon Trail Days. 
  • Dan also discussed new information that The Tenino Chamber of Commerce announced at their first meeting for the 2023 Oregon Trail Days, OTD.  

Show and Tell:

Doug- brought in a heart he made from Biggs jasper and a cabochon made from poppy jasper

Bryan- had a nice big chunk of nephrite jade and explained how and where it is formed. 

Jerry- displayed some Tiffany stone and gave a little history about the name and where it is found. 

Jim S. – gave tips on drilling holes in stones

Jim P. – talked about stalactites and stalagmites with an example most likely from Carlsbad cave in New Mexico. 

Wyatt- brought a nice Smoky quartz specimen. 

Natasha- found a yellow and green rock and wanted to ID it. 

John D. –  Ellensburg Blue pendant. 

Becky- a very nice crab fossil.  

Gretchen- Pyrite samples from a mine in Chile, and an azurite cabochon. 

Tammera- a handmade Smoky citrine pendant. 


If you participated in show and tell you get a ticket for the raffle drawing. 

Treasurer Report: Nothing to report

Program: no program tonight

Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM

Approval of minutes: Douglas Shank, Secretary

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