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WAMS Meeting Minutes – June 6, 2023

A meeting of Washington Agate and Mineral Society (WAMS) was held at First Baptist Church of Lacey on Tuesday, June 6, 2023 from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Call to order: Vice President Audrey Forcier called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM

Attendees:  18 in attendance.  President Jim S. was vacationing in NM.

Agenda: Introductions, announcements and business, show & tell, break

Introductions: Audrey welcomed the new members, and read aloud Jim’s President’s message sent from New Mexico.


Almost all the club business was about the upcoming Rock Rendezvous (club annual show) in Tenino.

              Tenino rock show

Dan, the show chairman, briefed the latest updates from the Tenino Chamber of Commerce about events for the trail days.

We talked about scheduling a work party to classify and clean buckets of rocks before the week of the show. Asking for volunteers to help if they can. A date and time has not yet been determined so an email will have to be sent to club members when one is agreed on. The goal is to have all rock separated into price range categories and cleaned before the week of the show. We will need empty buckets.

Thursday July 20th at 8:00 until complete is set up day. Members are asked to bring a pot luck dish to help feed the vendors at the end of set up day.

Dan is in the final stages of filling all the vendor sites.

All rock will have to be transported from the club shed to the show. Most likely use Dan’s and Jim’s trailers along with anyone who can fit buckets of rocks and supplies in their cars.


Show and Tell:

Ben-  (new member)- specimens of Pyrite, vanadinite, and others.

Jim P. – fossils from the Skookumchuk and Tono formations, and the twin rivers area from the straight of Juan De Fuca formation. Spoke about the story of Turritella fossils.

Becky- crab concretions, perfectly round concretion she found and how they are formed.

Neil- Herkimer diamonds from Herkimer New York. Gave a little story behind the crystal structure and why they are double terminated.

Jerry-  Ellensburg blues and Holley blue agates that he made into beautiful jewelry.

Sandy- Polished Arizona petrified wood and agates, hyalite, and a rhodonite sample found in California.

Britni-  crystals self collected from Hansen creek WA. Talked about the adventure getting there and digging for them.

Rachel- garnets from Emerald Creek garnet collecting area in Idaho. Some of them might even be star garnets. She spoke about how to make reservations and visiting the area.

Doug- two cabs made from reconstituted turquoise.



The meeting was adjourned following break at 8:35. 

The minutes were approved by WAMS Secretary, Doug Shank

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