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WAMS Meeting Minutes – September 5, 2023

Call to order:
A meeting of Washington Agate and Mineral Society (WAMS) was held at First Baptist Church of
Lacey on Tuesday, September 5, 2023 from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM.
Jim Sachet, President, called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM
Attendees: 21 people were in attendance
discussion and vote on starting a kids program; program presentation by Jerry about using
geological maps from DNR to locate specific rocks and minerals; show and tell; getting field trips
started; replenish club rock supply; announcements; club first aid kit orientation; auction


  1. Kids program– president explains the focus and purpose of the program: the kids portion
    will take place in a separate room while the adults conduct the business portion of the
    meeting. A unanimous vote was made to start the program.
  2. Program– Jerry explained how to use the geological map when planning a trip to go
    rockhounding and where to get them. The map substantiates the coordinates and locations
    given through word of mouth or directions provided in books like Gem Trails which makes
    a map an indispensible tool for the novice as well as for the seasoned rockhound.
  3. Show and tell-
     Al Wald- demonstrated how to glue irregularly shaped rocks to wood so they will fit
    in the saw vice. A long oval shaped concretion he cut in half to reveal an unknown
    fish, reptile?
     Mike- Yadenite from Kalamath Falls, OR, jasper/chert breccias.
     Jim P.- Book of British Columbia rocks, fossilized bison teeth
     Wendi- driftwood with holes made by worms and a unknown rock with similar
    holes, the theory is the worms that made holes in the wood could be the same that
    made the holes in the stone or fossil.
     Becky- rockhounding adventure to Glass Butte, OR and different types of obsidian
    self collected there.
     Jerry- Holley Blue rough and a self made Holley Blue pendant.
     Paul S.- spiny oyster shell cabochon, appetite rough and cabachon
     Jim S.- book ends made from rhodonite and petrified wood.
     Eli (Kara’s son)- agates and petrified wood from the Chehalis river

 Angela- a great agate with a very well defined leaf fossil in it from the Chehalis
river; probably from the Cascade formation 23 MYA.
 Gretchen- a custom ring project in progress using silver and malachite.


Refreshments were provided by Britni and Kristina, and Audrey. Thanks so much!

  1. Audrey (VP) shared ideas of what to use the club’s money for; lapidary classes, e.g., wire
    wrapping, silver smithing, bead making, etc. Look into asking old former club members’
    families if they might have rocks they would like to donate. Gave all club members a tote
    bag with the club logos on it, made from Neil’s company.
  2. Field trips to museums to inspire ideas for lapidary creations. Piggy back with the Shelton
    and the Lewis County clubs for field trips. Collaboration is in the works.
  3. We need a designated field trip coordinator. Someone to do the leg work in planning and
    organizing a safe and educational trip.
  4. Ideas for a method of getting the word out to all members at once in near real time:
    Facebook messenger, discord, email, etc.
    First aid kit orientation:
    Jim S. explained the contents of the bright orange bag and when and how it should be used and
    maintained. Mention of a saline solution should be added to the bag for washing out eyes.
    Dryhead agate auction:
    The club obtained a Dryhead agate from a former member’s collection and we thought auctioning it off
    would be a fair way for everyone to have a chance at buying it and make money for the club. It sold for
    The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM by the President Jim S.

Approval of minutes: the meeting minutes were approved by Douglas Shank, Secretary

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