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Field Trips and group outings

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    Jim Sachet

    Add your ideas for where to go, plans and schedule/calendar for trips

    Jack Graham

    Cascade Minerlogica Society

    On Sept 14th 2024 Field Trip to Frost Mtn south of Cle Elum for Tahoma agate, jasper, geodes, and formations of crystal.

    Meet 9:30 AM near Safeway gas pumps in Cle Elum. Group leaves at 9:45. Bring dig and hard rock tools. This site requires a 3/4 mile hike up incline. There are DOT restrooms at Snoqualmie Pass and Safeway.

    For info, Roger Danneman ( hm # 425-228-8781 or cell # 425-757-3506

    doug shank

    There’s Tahoma agate up there? Thanks for the info.

    doug shank

    The Washington State Mineral Council is sponsoring a field trip on July 20, 2024:

    Location: Sweetwater

    Time: 11:00 AM

    Meet up at: Mansford Grange Hall, Darrington, WA (Darrington Rock & Gem Club Show)

    Host: Darrington Rock & Gem Club

    Material: travertine (A limestone consisting of a massive usually layered calcium carbonate (such as aragonite or calcite) formed by deposition from spring waters, especially from hot springs. Compare with tufa.)      travertine

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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